21 November 2024

ความทรงจำ ครั้งสุดท้าย

ชีวิต , โรแมนติก
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อธิวัฒน์ กาญจนภิวัฒน์
พิเชฏ จงใจหาญ
ณัฐพล สมศักดิ์
กฤษกร เกียรติสุรนนท์
ปุณิกา กุลสุนทรรัตน์
ศรีสกุล วรรณสถิตย์
ชัชพงศ์ หาญหฤหรรษ์
ชูพัฒน์ หาญหฤหรรษ์


มณฑล ภักดีสุวรรณ


Rew is a young, talented writer who won many awards both in Thailand and abroad, and was accepted by people in the company, and was loved by his subordinates. Rew had a girlfriend named Pin who he had been dating since high school. Rew and Pin loved each other very much, always taking care of each other. Both of them planned to get married.

One day, when the people at work learned that the two were getting married, they arranged a bachelor party for Rew. That day also coincided with Pin's birthday, so Rew made an appointment for Pin to come to the party as well, but then there was an unexpected incident. Pin was hit by a car and died that day. As a result, Rew felt guilty and blamed himself, thus Rew became an alcoholic, forgetful and rarely speaking. His smile had faded from his face.

Arm, an energetic young man and a fresh graduate student from abroad, was the nephew of the owner of the company that Rew works at. Arm had come to train with Rew as a mentor to teach about work. The two did not quite get along, but they had to work on a project together, which was writing a documentary about traveling in Kanchanaburi province. This project made them feel good for each other and have a deep relationship, but this relationship could not go on if Rew did not open up to his feelings. In the end, Rew had to give up on Arm's goodness and care because when Arm learned that Rew had cancer, Arm chose to take care of Rew's final moments. The two then decided to live together to take care of each other.

However, the world is always cruel. When Arm and Rew knew the truth about something that made them both unable to continue together, Rew disappeared from Arm's life. Arm tried every means to find Rew, but couldn't find him, until finally, Arm got a box. That box had all the answers. What will the conclusion of these two's love be? Follow their story at "The last time, the last memory."

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